Do you want to learn how to make the perfect horse drawing?

Draw Horses in 15 Minutes English Language editionHorses and ponies make great subjects for depicting grace, power and speed.  If you have ever been frustrated by not being able to draw a horse properly, or not been able to get the proportions right, then this is the book for you.

“Draw Horses in 15 Minutes” will teach you everything about how to create convincing equestrian sketches, as well as give you a framework to take your art practice further for any subject.  The book is aimed at budding artists who are just starting out as well as more experienced artists who are looking for a specialist resource.

This book covers topics like:

  • Basic drawing techniques:  with special reference to horses
  • Exercises:  to practice and develop each new skill
  • Materials:  how to choose the right materials
  • Proportions: guidelines to basic proportion
  • Movement: how to capture dynamic poses such as galloping, walking and trotting
  • Anatomical details: of head, hooves, and nostrils
  • Examples: of different breeds of horses

What the reviews say:

“This book is more than a series of tutorials, it’s also a poem. The author encourages us to see the horse as whole. It is not merely a reference book for would-be artists. There is much here that a rider can learn from too”

 “The author’s passion for both horses and for art shows through clearly and is infectious”.

 “..if you want to capture the spirit of the horse this is a book to treasure”

Book-Draw Horses in 15 Minutes Dutch languageLearn to Draw Horses in 15 Minutes French languageWorld Distribution

“Draw Horses in 15 Minutes” now translated into French and Dutch,
and published in a special United States edition.  Also available in W H Smith world wide.

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