• Stretching Horse

    Charcoal on paper
    – available as limited edition print

    Stretching horse charcoal on paper
  • The pink paddock

    Acrylic on canvas

  • Silver Beauty

    Paint and charcoal on paper 460 x 380 mm

    Silver beauty 460 x 380 charcoal and paint on paper
  • Horse in the field

    Acrylic on paper

  • Abstract Horse

    Charcoal drawing on paper

    Charcoal abstract drawing of horse
  • Black Frisian

    Ink drawing on paper 200 x 150 mm
    – also available as limited edition print

    Black Frisian ink on paper
  • The Grey Leaper

    Charcoal on paper
    – available as limited edition print only

    Grey Leaper charcoal on paper
  • Horse in enclosed space

    Mixed media drawing. Available as card or print only

  • Legs

    Charcoal on paper
    – available as limited edition print only

  • The Family

    Oil on heavy card

  • Bucking Horse

    Ink on paper
    – available as limited edition print only

    Bucking Horse ink drawing with brush on paper
  • Running Horses

    Original drawing on paper
    Watercolour paint and charcoal 1370 x 1010 mm
    – also available as limited edition print

    Running horses wash and charcoal on paper
  • Tang Horse with Blanket

    Charcoal on paper
    – available as limited edition print only

    Tang Horse with Blanket charcoal on paper
  • Heavy Horse

    Watercolour, ink and charcoal on paper
    now available only as limited edition print

    Brown horse ink charcoal and paint on paper
  • Zig Zag Standing

    Ink drawing, available as print only

    Zig Zag ink on paper



During my life in art, a passion for the act of drawing and painting has led me along a winding road of psychological twists and turns, emotional bumps in the road, some unexpected diversions and very many challenges.  I have always been searching for a place where I felt both freely expressive and technically reasonably competent.    Both components are essential.  Without feeling and expression, art for me is meaningless.  Without knowledge, in terms of both skill and ideas, it is impossible to develop further.  It has taken me many years to find this place and I am of course still learning and still discovering my voice and my language.

The hallmark of my expressive art is simple and direct mark-making which embodies my feelings and my whole being.  This could be abstract colour shapes on cloth, or black and white drawings or prints on paper.  Often it takes a long period of study for this successful spontaneity to work.  Years of experience and intense focus are distilled into a few quick lines or marks.  I like to work with charcoal or liquid medium such ink wash because they function as an extension of my hand.

Most recently I have been drawing horses.  I have always loved and drawn horses since I was a small child, and I am now rediscovering this delight. I am fascinated by the complex form of the horse and by its beauty, and by the simultaneous combination of great power and sensitivity.  Their energy is a great creative catalyst.  I have experience with of being with horses,  and I am constantly learning more about them and their construction and movement.  I would like to make paintings of horses, and this has now led me to study painting materials and techniques such as oil painting.  This is a new approach to art and a new intellectual and sensual challenge,

I love to meet people who enjoy my art and discuss it with me and offer their ideas.  Please do visit me at the events listed for 2018 or get in touch via this website  on info@dianahand.com.