“Holbrook Pools” by Ivon Hitchens

Here is a quick sketch started in the midst of a commission.  I want to develop it and am using Ivon Hitchens (above) as inspiration and guide.  He planned his apparently spontaneous and abstractish paintings very carefully, though in fact the actual painting, after much study, often took only a few hours, all in one session.  I like the spontaneity of my sketch but want to take it through a few processes.  At the moment I am drawing the subjects more carefully and considering how to translate the form into simple paint.  I have diverged from the paleish blue green and discovered that a deeper blue looks quite good.  But this is not enough.  I am thinking of taking this stage as the start of an abstraction, which might return to the original subject in a different way.    Today (20.7.21) I experimented further and decided to overpaint the two left-hand ponies.  Actually I am more interested in the right-hand one.  I have placed him in an enigmatic landscape as influenced by Hitchens  I am happy and relieved now that I have broken through the “reality” barrier to a place where this subject could generate much more.  Inspiration, you could term it.