Very excited to announce upcoming publication of this new book in July 2024

Felicity George worked as a research scientist at Edinburgh university, and then in industry, before moving on to study and work with horse psychology and behaviour. She has owned horses for thirty years, and worked with horses and those who wish to learn about them for nearly 20 years.

Sharon has owned horses for more than 20 years, is a registered riding coach, an EBA Registered Psychology Specialist, and has a masters in Applied Equine Science from the Royal Agricultural University.

Dr Marie-Lousie Holmes is a HCPC registered Chartered Clinical Psychologist and lifelong horse owner, with 27 years experience in both NHS and private clinical practice.

The book will feature around 50 colour and black and white illustrations by Diana Hand within the text.

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“Dessiner des Chevaux” –   “Draw Horses in 15 Minutes”,  the  French edition

 In 2014 I was commissioned by Ilex Press to write and illustrate “Draw Horses in 15 Minutes”.  This is a great guide to learning to draw the complex subject of the horse, and gives many suggestions about finding your own style and creativity.  The book is now circulated worldwide by Octopus Press, and so far has been translated into Dutch and French.


Draw Horses in 15 Minutes English Language edition

Early in 2014 I was commissioned to write a book “Draw Horses in 15 Minutes” for Ilex Press, London.  The book was published in June 2015 for distribution in UK, EU and USA.  The USA edition was published early in 2016 and the Dutch edition has just been published.  The first edition has been reprinted.