The annual “Horse in Art” exhibition of the Society of Equestrian Artists will take place at Sally Mitchell’s Gallery, The Newcastle Arms, Tuxford, Nottinghamshire, NG22 OLA

Open Sunday 15th  September, 2019 9 am to 5 pm daily. Closes Saturday, 28th September at 3 pm.

I am delighted to be showing two works, one LARGE oil painting on canvas, “Newmarket Morning” (1200 x 900 mm) and one smaller piece “Newmarket Gallops” oil on board.  These were inspired by a trip I made with the Society a few years to Newmarket one sunny autumn morning.   The Society is a marvellous community of passionate horse lovers and artists.


Rites of Spring Acrylic on canvas 700 X 500 mm

I am fascinated by the human body, and how we use it to communicate via subtle signals and energy.  I have attended dance workshops which focus on this kind of choreography and I wanted to work with these ideas.  My starting point for this exhibition was a workshop I went to at Siobhan Davies dance centre in London  late in 2017, and the work and ideas of Matthias Sperling.

Recent life studies form the basis of my work in this exhibition.   have been studying the human form for several years, and have a large collection of studies. But they are academic, and  I was amazed at how dynamic these initially static poses became when grouped together and overlaid and combined with memory drawings of movement.  I was inspired by the techniques and drawings of Degas and Rodin, who worked in this way, and it has been a different and very liberating process for me.

This has been an exciting project.  I wanted to combine science and art, but there was not enough time for the research.  I then allowed my body to direct the work, which was mind blowing.  Accessed massive energy and did a whole series of drawings before backing off to reflect.

Final stage were some small colour studies in effect close ups of the larger pieces, again a revelation.  The freedom and energy carried on into these studies towards abstraction .

The exhibition consists of a selection of drawings and paintings generated by this project.  I would like them to convey just a few of the moods and energies that we can share.

This exhibition is the beginning of a new thread in my work, and I would like to thank Dunblane Museum for the opportunity to develop my practice.


A BREAKTHROUGH EXHIBITION!  Finding my human identity.  Now I am exploring further.  Last month I was at Nottdance 2019, curated by Matthias Sperling, and this month I shall be at the Edinburgh Jam weekend, also exploring different ways of communication through the body.