Drawing Horses workshops for 2018

I have often been asked if I would do a  workshop on drawing horses.  I did my first workshop in July this year as part of the Callander Summerfest.  I enjoyed the experience and had positive comments from the people who came along:

“A thoroughly enjoyable day … Diana had so much knowledge and a clear passion for horses… Co-students were nice people and I think we all engaged with the day positively” 

“The experience was creative, relaxing and tranquil, and Diana builds a confidence in experimenting with the materials and equine form” 

“Great fun and teaching, really nice people and relaxed atmosphere, and wonderful to have a class like this on your doorstep out in the rurals..”

This was a drawing workshop and I supplied the paper and basic drawing materials.  Students brought their own images and their experience and ideas, and together we shared and learned. I encouraged everyone to work very freely and loosely and the brush and ink and wet-on-wet experiments were successful in achieving this.  I appreciated the different approaches and experience of each person, and, speaking personally,  consider that each one of us in the class learned something new.

I would like to do more Drawing Horses workshops in 2018, both to share my passion for drawing horses and the knowledge I have acquired over the past few years, and also to explore new ideas in the company of other artists, particularly horse artists.

My book “Draw Horses in 15 Minutes” published by Ilex/Octopus 2015 is available on line.

Please contact me on if you can host a workshop, or would be interested in joining one during 2018 or 2019.  I will  then email you when I have arranged venues and dates.

HORSE ARTISTS GROUP  if you would like to join this, please let me know.