Being Human – Together

Drawings and paintings by Diana Hand


1st to 29th April, 2019  

  10.30 am to 4.30      Monday to Saturday

I am fascinated by the human body, and in particular how we use it communicate through subtle signals, movements and energy. I have attended dance workshops which focus on this kind of choreography and I wanted to work with these ideas.

 I have a large number of life studies from recent years, and I have used these as the basis of my work in this exhibition. I was amazed at how dynamic these initially static poses became when grouped together and overlaid and combined with memory drawings of movement.  I have also been inspired by the techniques and drawings of Degas and Rodin, who worked in this way.

 The exhibition consists of a selection of drawings and paintings generated by this project.   I would like to thank the Dunblane Museum Gallery for the opportunity to show and develop my work.