Alexander Riff 4

Alexander Riff 4

I  find architectural space an exciting source of inspiration in my drawing and writing. As with my textiles or my horse drawings, I am working with and describing an under-the-radar sensual experience , in this case an experience of being in a given space, and usually quite an informal and personal one.

Patriothall Gallery,  Edinburgh 2014

I am interested in exploring architectural issues, both from a practical/ecological and  a subjective viewpoint.  In my second blog, Thinking it”, I am developing these ideas, focussing on the writings of architect, Christopher Alexander.

Scion House Exhibition 2012

Diana uses the traditional print technique of stone lithography to make her prints.  This technique allows for a wide range of expressive mark-making, from the most refined lines to the most dramatic smudges and streaks. The Edinburgh Printmakers Workshop has excellent facilities for this form of printmaking. 

She has recently been working on a sequence of prints centred on interior/exterior aspects of space, in particular at the famous Schindler House in Los Angeles.  This project was originally inspired by the work of Japanese photographer, Hiroshi Sugimoto.


 Red Tree Exhibition, Stirling 2011

A series of prints and monoprints inspired by the atmosphere of Stirling Castle, and the houses around it..


  Pink Houses 2010

This a series of stone lithographs made at the Edinburgh Printmakers Studio, and based on the sculptural and architectural properties of red pressed paper radiator corner protectors.



Japanese Flowers 2009

This is a series of stone lithographs made at Edinburgh Printmakers Workshop and based on a detail of a Japanese print by Utamaro.  The prints show the process of gradually deleting or reducing the first image by scraping away the surface on the stone.



Svalbard Seed Bank 2008

I was fascinated by the technology and architecture of the Seed Bank in Svalbard, and also its remote and bleak setting.  I have tried to convey something of this combination of a primitive arctic landscape with ultra-modern architecture in these drypoint prints.