My hand painted textiles reflect a pleasure in working with dye and cloth.  I specially enjoy because cloth so readily absorbs colour and texture. There is something profoundly satisfying about translating a flat design onto cloth, which is essentially a three-dimensional medium. I give an image a completely different life and meaning by the cloth when it is worn or used by us. Furthermore, I like to think that fabric absorbs emotions and memories through constant use. Clearly as it is living matter, it decays and gets used up. It is not permanent in the way a painting or a photograph can be. I hope that my work on silk and velvet, whether made into scarves or men’s ties will reflect the joy I have experienced in the process.

Hand painted textiles Grey Horses silk scarf
Hand Painted Textiles – Silk Scarves

Hand painted textiles such as my silk scarves are 1350 mm x 160 mm and made from the best quality Crepe de Chine silk in a double weight. This silk drapes very well and has a beautiful texture. In addition, each scarf is hand printed and painted and is completely unique. These scarves are only normally available direct from me at my selling events (see Events page for more information).

Hand Painted Textiles Velvet Scarves


The scarves are made from double- weight silk and viscose velvet, which is soft and lustrous as well as being hard-wearing and washable. Size is 1400 x 160 mm. The velvet absorbs and reflects dye very well, and in addition each scarf is a small work of art in itself. Velvet scarves usually only available from me (see Events page for more information).

Silk-tie-July-2015-#3SILK TIES

My ties are hand-made by an expert craftsman. I myself dye and paint pieces of silk, and he cuts four ties from each piece, so that no tie is ever identical to another. The ties come in two widths at broadest point, narrow (70 mm wide) and conventional (90 mm wide), and are made from the finest quality Crepe de Chine silk. These ties make an unusual statement and have a faithful and appreciative following. The ties are usually only available at my selling events (see Events Page for more information).


Introduced in 2014, these beautifully made bow ties are in the traditional self tie design, with a special clip to adjust to different neck sizes. The bow ties are usually only available at my selling events (see Events Page for more information).


I enjoy using hand painted textiles as a medium for ideas. In 2010 I made a series of pieces for the Ropewalk Gallery in Barton upon Humber. I was inspired by Ostia, the ancient port of Rome, and how the past is constantly present.