Painting Project “Leo”

My third subject is a wonderful Australian warmblood stallion.  He is a muse for me.  This time I am working in oil paint.  I have made three studies with oil on canvas, and also tried to abstract the feeling and colours from each one, using acrylic paint on paper.   At the moment the top pair work best.  I am still experimenting with the drawing for the middle one, and the bottom works well as a painting and sort of for the drawing.  It is difficult to know what I am trying to convey with the paint drawings – is it the movement depicted with colour marks, or is it simply abstract shapes based on the colours used in the studies?  Or something else?  I am not yet sure.   I Like the fragmented look of the middle one.  I studied cubism for a bit and understood that more.


Looking at Picasso Cubist period.  Here is a sketch copy of one of his portraits.