Martin Campos demo

Painting with Martin Campos

In July I went to Cork in Ireland to study with Martin Campos, teacher at Philadelphia College of Art.  Martin is a figurative painter, who specialises in the human figure, and he is a wonderful draughtsman and painter.  But I like the way he places his subjects in an abstracted context.  I want to learn how to place my equestrian subjects in a different context, and that is why I wanted to learn from Martin.  But I am enjoying working with the human figure as well.  It contains so much meaning to us as a species, so different from the meaning of an animal.  We can never fully share the experience of an animal in the way that we can empathise with other human beings.  However, my passion is for drawing and painting horses

Martin also practises plein air sketches as a daily routine.  This is another great idea to loosen up  and discover one’s own interest and focus.

The workshop was organised by another teacher, Pauline Agnew.  Pauline is also an inspirational and liberating artist, and she runs on line courses and also workshops all over the world.  “Pauline is truly an art whisperer” to quote some of her students.



Martin Campos demo Martin Campos plein air painting Martin Campos painting Martin Campos painting