Anatomy of the Horse APPLIED

Gradually capturing the precious moment when I can paint the horse as I want to – freely and strongly.  Here are some quick studies from photos I took in South Africa in February 2020.  I am looking at the main shapes and planes and trying to get the basic colours.  The great thing is that I am now aware of the underlying anatomy and somehow that frees me to paint or draw basic shapes and tones without being preoccupied by surface.  I am very excited.   I can hardly believe it.


It has been a journey to get to this point and it is still slippery. Old habits and preconceptions are tough to dislodge.  In recent weeks (below) I have been looking closely at the structure of the shoulder and chest and attempting to go beyond drawing and analysis into colour.  But it is a leap, not a literal translation.  Knowing the underlying form takes care of my anxious brain and allows me to play with the paint.


Now I am thinking about movement – how the muscles work in action.  I am starting by drawing from press photos, thinking less of the energy and dynamic and more of what is happening below the surface.